Material elastic bands and plastic clips
 Price $9.95 for one
 How Tight Does it Pull? leaves about 2 inches between straps can be combined with additional product for more room.
 How Flexible are you? Must be able to push it into place in between shoulder blades, in order to adjust to fit properly.
 Hide Straps: YES
 Keep Straps in Place: YES
 Converts Bra to Racerback: If adjusted properly
 Visible Under Clothing: NO    
 Colors Available: Black
 Sizes Available: One Size
 Guarantee/Return Policy: 14 day return policy
  • Gives you extra lift 
  • Unique design 


  1. jennifer said,

    Hi which of your bra axxessories would you say is the best> I;ve been researching, I need lift and also quality. Thanks Jennifer

    • brastrapsolutions said,

      Hi jennifer,
      We don’t actually sell any of the bra accessories here on this site. As the creator of Bra Barrette (one of the products listed on this site) I would definitely recommend my product. It is good quality, flexible and durable plastic and will provide lift and support. is where we sell those. If you are larger chested you could try our large size plain version first to see how it works for you!

  2. hannah b said,

    hi! i bought bra accessories at… could this be used on my shimmer bra straps??

    • brastrapsolutions said,

      I’m not sure if the bralief will work on your shimmer bra straps, I would think so but I can’t say for sure. I know my product the Bra Barrette ( will work for you.

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