March 14, 2010

Why your bra straps slip…

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I was recently at a trade show, showing women how a bra strap holder works to keep bra straps in place under clothing and I was surprised by the number of women who didn’t quite understand why their straps are always slipping.  I’m here to tell those of you who suffer from the daily chase of your straps up and down your arm, why your straps don’t stay in place.

1.  The elastic is the first thing to “relax” on a bra.   The elastic of your straps, while it’s not supposed to hold all the weight of your breasts, it’s the one part designed to give the most so it stretches after a short time.  You might notice how often you start tightening the straps on your bra, soon after you have gotten it.   Experts suggest your bra should be replaced every 3-4 months, for me I don’t want to have to shop for bras and fork out $90 for a good bra that often!  That’s what’s nice about having bra strap holders, they can extend the life of your bra!

2.  Anatomy.  Pure and simple, some women have broad shoulders, so have very sloped shoulders and some are in between.  I’m one of those in between women, sloped just enough that as long as I’m standing still my straps stay in place, as soon as I start moving, with every lift of my arm up and down they creep a little further off the shoulder till they are at my elbow!  No matter your anatomy, a bra strap holder is going to help keep your straps in place.

3. The properly fit bra myth.   Every time I go bra shopping, I cringe, knowing I’m going to have to try multiple bras on in a range of sizes because there is nothing “standard” about any of the bras hanging on the rack.  I have spent 100’s of dollars on properly fit and custom-made bras but still had problems with my straps always slipping.    Without an industry standard, you can not walk into a store and get the same size bra each time.  Changes in materials and design will make the difference in what fits.  If you have a bra strap holder in your wardrobe toolkit than those slight modifications they make won’t mean strap-slip frustration!

4.  Bra Styles.   There are so many variety of bra styles (and manufacturers) that depending on where the straps of your bra hit your shoulders will make a difference.  For example, a demi bra typically has straps further out toward the shoulders, where as a full coverage bra will be closer to your neck.   Keeping a bra strap holder on hand is great for those different styles of bras and using it when you need it!

5.  Step on the scale.  Small changes in weight might be noticeable in the size of your breasts. This means that bra that was fitting is now to small or to big.  A bra strap holder is a great solution for keeping your bra working through minor weight changes!

At some point in time, all women deal with a slipping strap.  The question is, how often do you deal with it?   For some women, just getting the right fit bra is enough to stop the strap-slip problem, but for me it never was.  I know part of that is anatomy, but it’s also the fact that there has not been a signficant redesign in the basic bra since it was patented back in the early 1900’s.  Lots of modifications have been made to make them fit better for women and be more comfortable to wear, but we’ve not found a great way to alter the basic undergarment.  There are other solutions out there, corsets are still available, camisole tops and stretchy new fabrics definitely make a difference.   But the underlying issue is WE ARE NOT ALL ONE SIZE!   So even with the 100’s of modifications and alternatives it’s not always enough!  

Now the question is which bra strap holder to get?  Check out our FIND A SOLUTION post to get some tips on choosing the right one for you.

June 22, 2009

Summer Time…what are you wearing to keep your straps in place?

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Summer is finally here (at least up here in the Northwest where I live, it seems to have arrived!)  Bra Straps are being shown off everywhere!  Peeking out under sleevless tops and layered up with spaghetti straps!   With the increase in popularity of bra strap holders, are you using one yet  or do you care if you see bra straps? 

I personally am not a fan of seeing bra straps but I know it’s popular.  What are your solutions? 

January 31, 2009

How do you keep your bra strap from slipping?

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I am convinced this is a question women have been asking since the Bra was invented 100 years ago!  Seriously, how many times have you caught yourself reaching into your shirt to yank your bra strap back up onto your shoulder?   Or have you cranked your straps down so tight they have created gutters in your shoulders?  Even if this has not happened to you daily, haven’t you had it happen when playing sports or gardening in the yard?  For years I wondered if I was the only one who suffered this indiginity!  I saw lots of bra manufacturers making more pretty bras but not really more functional bras…who wants function anyway right?!?!  I do!! But I also want it to be pretty, is that too much to ask? 

What do you use to keep your bra straps in place?  For years mine was the safety pin..then I created the Bra Barrette and now I don’t want to live without it!  It keeps me sane, my bra straps no longer slip, it’s one less burden on my day!!!

January 25, 2009

Bra Strap Problems? Share your stories and find answers!

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  • Are you one of the millions of women who suffer from Falling Bra Straps? 


  • Do you find yourself covertly reaching into your shirt to put your bra strap back on your shoulder?


  • Do you have a favorite top you want to wear but the bra straps show? 


  • Do you ever have spaghetti straps that are too long and you have to pin them to fit you?


  • What are the problems you suffer from when it comes to bra, tank top and swimsuit straps?


This website/blog is a forum for discussing your strap problems and what some of the solutions are for fixing it.  I have tried to compile all the alternative bra clips, bra strap holders and other devices used to fix some of these problems.  If you have additional products or information you’d like to add, leave a comment or email me at


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